Stormwater Plan, Camp Murray Military Compound, Camp Murray, WA

Prepared a SWPPP for the 240-acre Camp Murray compound, which includes the Army Guard, Air National Guard and the Emergency Management Services. Coverage included pollutant generating material storage areas, heavy equipment and off-road vehicle storage and maintenance areas, and bulk motor fuel storage with pump delivery stations. A total of 10 above ground discharge outfalls and 19 below ground discharge outfalls were identified.

Wetland & Habitat Determinations, City of Buckley, Buckley, WA

A wetland delineation and habitat assessment was performed for a 21 acre site along an urban trail next to Highway 410 for a highway realignment project. Nine wetlands were identified, delineated, and buffered. A 0.78 acre wetland was created in upland owned by the City to mitigate the loss of 0.38 acre of Category III wetlands for the project.